2015 SEAMUS Conference

The conference will be held March 26 – 28, 2015 at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. The theme of the conference is “Emotion and Electroacoustic Music.” Inquiries and proposals may be directed to the Conference Hosts at We look forward to welcoming you to Blacksburg in 2015 for a celebration of recent innovations and creative achievements in electroacoustic music! Submissions have […]


Member News

SEAMUS Member News — Summer 2015 Brian Belet’s composition Summer Phantoms: Nocturne (piano and computer-processed piano sounds) is included on Kai Schumacher’s ( new CD Insomnia, published June 2015 on the SWR Music/Hänssler Classic label in Germany. The CD also includes night music by George Gershwin, John Cage, George Crumb, and Bruce Stark. Schumacher has performed […]

Ico Bukvic and Virginia Tech’s L2Ork

Laptop Orchestra Panel Discussion

“EVERYTHING about LORks has been thrilling  and disturbing. We didn’t know if anything would work at first. When it did, it was like meth; we had to try more and more dangerous and crazy things.”  —Perry Cook The laptop orchestra has established itself as a standard, yet varied and unpredictable ensemble that represents the intersection […]


Interview with Kim Cascone

“The human being knows himself only insofar as he knows the world; he perceives the world only in himself, and himself only in the world. Every new object, clearly seen, opens up a new organ of perception in us.” —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Kim Cascone responds to questions posed by newsletter editor Steve Ricks and talks […]


Member News

Elizabeth Anderson gave the avant-première of her octophonic acousmatic work Solar Winds…and Beyond at the CIME Festival 2014 at the University of North Texas on October 4, 2014. A second avant-première of Solar Winds…and Beyond took place at the X BIMESP 2014 Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Following, Solar Winds was performed at the Bernoaola Festival […]